how to hang curtains without drilling

How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling: Three Easy Steps

Drilling is required to fasten curtains with drywall fasteners or anchors, and this leaves your wall surfaces significantly damaged. Discover how to hang curtains without drilling into your walls if you’re only hanging them temporarily or if you simply don’t want to make holes in your walls.

Can I Put a Curtain on Rod Without a Drill?

Another way to hang curtains without drilling is to use command hooks. For hanging large curtains that require additional support, command hooks are ideal. For this technique, all you need to do is hang two command hooks and sandwich a rod in between them. Curtains can be hung beautifully using this solution.

Can I Hang Curtains With Command Hooks?

Great for installing curtain rods or hanging wall d├ęcor, coats, and bags! Use with rods less than 5/8 in diameter, under 48 in in length, and with finials larger than 3/4 in.

How Much Weight Can a Command Hook Hold Up?

10lbs. Hang heavy items up to 10lbs with damage-free with Without the hassle of tools and nails, Command Hooks let you hang what you want, where you want.

How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling?

To hang curtains using a damage-free installation method, try one of these options:

Secure the Hardware With Adhesive Hooks.

You can buy adhesive hooks and adhesive strips in a range of sizes and tensile strengths, making them versatile hanging tools. The holding strength of a hook can range from four to twenty pounds. Due to the ease of removal and low risk of wall damage, renting households can also benefit from hanging curtains and other items with adhesive hooks. To release the elastic substance from the surface, simply pull on the bottom of the adhesive strip.

Use Magnetic Curtain Rods.

how to hang curtains without drilling

Only if you are hanging something on a metal door or window frame is this option practical. To start the magnetic connection, these metal frames must have ferrous metals that contain iron. Most magnetic rods are designed by manufacturers to hang light curtains, but you can spend more money on stronger magnets to hang heavy drapes.

Use Tension Rod Curtains Inside Window Frames.

For shower curtain rods without a rod pocket, this style is particularly popular. These same ideas apply to hanging separate curtain panels for windows. In order to position the tension rod at the correct height, measure the curtain’s length using a tape measure. To make perpendicular contact with the trim, make sure the rod is level and plumb. Twist the rod to extend it, and each end will exert pressure on the window frame’s interior without endangering it. Twenty to forty pounds of hanging weight can typically be supported by the tension rod design.

When to Hang Curtain Rods Without Drilling Holes?

Sometimes it’s a personal preference to hang curtains without making holes in them, and other times the circumstance demands it. Here are a few scenarios in which hanging a curtain rod without the use of nails, drywall anchors, or screws could be your only option:

  • Inadequate space around the window frame: You might need to mount the curtain rod inside the window frame if your hardware would extend past the window trim or frame on either side of the window. The curtain rod may occasionally be hung from the ceiling directly above the top of the window. Your best option for privacy or light control may be to make your own curtains if your windows have other difficult orientations or large living room windows where window treatments are impractical.
  • Installation of lightweight curtains: You might be able to secure your drapery with a more passive option if you are not installing heavy curtains, blackout curtains, or thick decorative curtains. A drill can be used to secure some types of curtains or valances, but there are also options that are lightweight enough to be fastened with tension rods or adhesive strips.
  • Inability to drill curtain rod brackets: If you rent an apartment, your landlord might become irate if you drill even a small hole in the drywall to hang curtains or tiebacks. In that case, using damage-free alternatives like adhesive strips, removable adhesive hooks, or nonintrusive rod designs might be advantageous. The installation of ceiling hooks could make it easier to hang a ceiling curtain in structures where shiplap and plaster are used in place of conventional drywall.

What Are Curtain Rods?

When installed in your home, a curtain rod is a horizontal pole or piece of hardware from which you can hang drapes or curtains.

Different curtain rods and drapery options are available to suit different home improvement budgets while still enhancing the interior design. For the purpose of positioning the curtain rod, some curtain designs, for instance, may have grommet holes near the top of the curtain. Other drapery types may use curtain rings or curtain hooks to fasten to the rod.

How to hang curtains without drilling? You can use hooks to hang curtains. Just follow the three steps follow above, and it is easy for you.