how to open pump bottle

How To Open Pump Bottle? Guide And Video

The newest product you purchased may have a difficult time getting its pump open. I can fix this for you quickly, though. How to open the pump bottle? Usually, you would put your finger on this area of the pump and twist it open, but occasionally they can be very difficult to open. Remove the pump from the bottle, wash the shaft, and then dry it. Then, with a firm grip, twist the shaft sharply to the right, just beneath the pump’s collar. As soon as the pump is opened and placed inside the bottle, your new product is ready for use.

How to Open a Pump Bottle?

  • Make sure your hands are clean, dry, and not greasy or slippery by washing and drying them.
  • Put one hand firmly on the top of the pump and the other hand near the middle or bottom of the bottle as you grasp it.
  • Turn the pump spout by rotating the hand at the top of the pump to the left.
  • While rotating the pump, twist the bottle’s base in the opposite direction. This will help to turn the pump on.
  • After turning the pump to the right, take your hand off the top of the device. It must appear immediately.


If the pump is stuck, make sure the bottle’s base is turned in the opposite direction from the pump’s direction of rotation.

Simply turn the pump the other way to close the bottle. You may find arrows on the top of the pump that shows you how to open and close the bottle.

How to Open Dove Body Wash Pump Bottle?

What to Do If Bottle is Not Opening?

Add some heat. It will slightly expand when heated, releasing the lid from its tight hold. A hot bowl of water or submerging the jar, lid first, in it for 30 seconds are two ways to heat the contents. The lid can also be heated by running it under hot water. A hairdryer is another option.


Sometimes when dealing with how to open a pump bottle, they can get stuck in the “locked” position when they are brand new. Even though we make every effort to show customers how to unlock a stuck pump top, occasionally we may miss someone or a customer may forget until they get home, at which point they become understandably frustrated trying to get the pump to function.