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Well Pipe: Issues You Should Know

The most popular and effective method for installing a submersible well pump is quickly evolving to be a poly pipe. If you want to have a Well pipe, how to choose? How to drop into? Continue reading, you will find the answer.

How to Choose Well Pipe?

It is crucial to choose a pipe with a pressure rating that is equal to or higher than the working pressure that will exist in the well when installing a submersible pump.

Two factors are used to determine Working Pressure:

  1. Number of feet from the pressure tank to the pumping water level
    (One Foot of Water Depth = .433 PSI)
  2. The setting of the tank pressure switch(in PSIG)

The following formula will provide the Working Pressure:

(Depth X .433) + (switch setting) = Working Pressure

For instance, 330 feet would be the pumping level. and the Pressure Switch is set at 50 PSIG the formula will be:

(330 X .433) + 50 = 192.9 PSI

It is necessary to use a pipe with a 200 PSI rating or higher. Pipe failure could occur if pipes with lower pressure ratings are used.

Please Note: The pressure rating of the pipe may be exceeded if the pumping level used to determine a well’s pipe needs is significantly above the bottom and the pumping level drops because of a drought or other circumstances.

How Do Well Drillers Pipes Dropped into a Drilled Well Casing?

A problem that has existed for as long as there have been wells and people is dropping objects into them or, worse, having a person or animal fall into one.

And I know about this “Honey I dropped the Pump” problem too, and haven’t added a full article on retrieving stuff from water wells Because there aren’t any images of the wide range of items that can be retrieved from wells and because most homeowners probably won’t have much success trying to do it themselves, InspectAPedia was created.

First of all, when a good pipe breaks and we accidentally drop things into the well, it sounds like a terrible problem. Remember that you are not the first to experience such bad luck, and well drillers rather than homeowners are typically the ones who experience it. So try not to freak out.

An old galvanized iron well pipe is seen being removed from the steel casing at a Minnesota home in the images directly above and in more detail below.

What Kind of Pipe is Used for a Well?

PVC and Poly pipes will hold up very well in harsh water conditions. Galvanized and PVC pipe installation are straightforward, predictable, simple, and simple to maintain. PVC pipe is additionally portable.

Can You Use PVC for Well?

A lot of drillers (probably more than half) use PVC casing for most of their domestic wells. It is affordable, dependable, and never rusts, and when used responsibly, it will last a lifetime. PVC pipe does not have the same strength as steel pipe, which is a significant disadvantage.

What Size Pipe Do I Need for a Well Pump?

He suggests following a standard rule of thumb that calls for using a minimum-size pipe equal to the diameter of the discharge of the pump. For instance, a minimum of 1¼-inch pipe should be used if your pump has a 1¼-inch discharge.

How Deep Should Well Pipes Be Buried?

Underground piping shall be buried not less than 18 inches below the surface of the ground unless otherwise protected. All underground piping needs to have a coating that complies with Section 533(b) or something similar to prevent corrosion.


Do you know more about Well pipes? You can choose with a pressure rating that is equal to or higher than the working pressure.